BT Day 25: Yabberup to Collie 628.3km (16.6km)

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Town day!

I always have a spring in my step on town downs. Don’t get me wrong I love walking trails but one needs a shower, a beer and nice food every now and then; and a warm bed. Collie was my opportunity for all plus a rest day tomorrow.

To be honest I don’t recall much of the walk into town other than walking through a recent fuel reduction burn and thinking ‘good job gang’.

I was in Collie by 11am and headed for a fresh coffee and checked into my motel by 12pm. Good old Macca’s for lunch and scoping around town found a barber to get my hair cut and beard trimmed to look nice an pretty.

There are two big supermarkets in town which is great for the next resupply but unfortunately it’s only for 3.5 days. I’d prefer a bigger selection in Dwellingup which will be my biggest and last resupply that will have to see me through to Kalamunda. I guess I’ll just have to see what’s on offer at Dwellingup when I get there.

Anyone familiar with the Aussie punk band The Chats? I had their song ‘Pub Feed’ running through my head…. ‘all I want, all I need, all I want is a good pub feed..’

It feels good to be in town and l’m looking forward to my last zero (rest) day tomorrow where I get to put the feet up and do sweat nothing.

I’m on the back end now and loving it.

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