Weekend Ultralight Kit

How low can you go?

This is pushing the limits for what I’m comfortable with in terms of being ultralight (less than 5kg base weight). Anything more than an weekender (2 nights) and this sort of set up is not that comfortable – for me. There is not a lot of room for error. If it buckets down rain, then I’m likely to keep hiking knowing I’ll be wet but can keep warm at a quick pace.  If there are a lot of bugs about, they are going to annoy me. I can deal with cold coffee in the morning but days on end without a hot meal is not fun. 

Many people will happily use similar gear for much longer or even on thru hikes; and even lower weights. I’ve seen many ultra-lighters on the PCT but then again I’ve had to help them set up their tarps as by battle hypothermia and can’t use their hands.

Anyway here goes. How low can you go?

See my full list at lighter pack here:


Category Weight

576 g


339 g

Sleep system

802 g

Clothing carried

658 g

Wet Weather

227 g

Clothing worn

1128 g

Food & Cooking

95 g

Water filtration & Storage

136 g


261 g

Ditty bag

145 g

First Aid

65 g


204 g


4636 kg


0 g


1128 g

Base Weight

3508 g