Western Arthurs, Tas Dec 2014

Western Arthurs, Dec 2014

Summary: A tough ramble through spectacular country, I only wish I could tell you I saw more.

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Moraine A to Moraine K, 5 days.  Full traverse, 8 days.

Timing: Dec 2014

I had planned to do the full traverese of the range over 8 days but with cloud and misty rain for 5 days and only 3 views each lasting about 15 minutes I pulled up stumps early and cut back down to McKays Track off Moraine K. I wish I could say that I saw the Western Arthurs but I didn’t actually. Not to worry, that just means I have to go back some other time.

Day 1: Devonport to the old hut site near Junction Creek
Day 2: Old hut site, Moraine A, to Lake Oberon
Day 3: Lake Oberon to High Moor
Day 4: High Moor, Beggary Bumps to Haven Lake
Day 5: Haven Lake, Moraine K, Junction Creek to Scotts Peak Dam.




  1. What an incredible video! Thank you for sharing.
    Also how busy was the track during your trip? Did you have any trouble fitting at any of the camp sites?
    Hope your still enjoying your NZ treck. I am enjoying the posts.

    1. Hi Paul. No problems at all fitting into the camps but this probably had more to do with the crappy weather and fewer people out and about. Te Araroa is amazing. Only two weeks left to finish. Thanks for the interest in my posts. Makes it all worth while. Mick

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