Yes – I admit it. I’m a gram counter.

I am a recent convert to the ultralight way of thinking and am loving it.

As they say… Take less. Do more…. or Free the body, free the mind….

I’m not quite satisfied with my kit just yet and there are items where I could definitely loose some weight on. But there are also a few luxuries that I like to take along.

My current set up for a 3 day hike is described below. What do you think? What would you change? This kit does change up a little depending on season, duration and partners. For longer hikes ( 1 week to months) or when hiking in a group I’ll use a Kovea titanium stove head and will take larger pots. And depending on weather, insects and the like I can swap out the tarp system for a Mountain Hardwear Sprite tent at 1.4kg, opt for a bivvy bag or mix things up. My snow kit is completely different to my UL kit.

Item Weight (grams) Worn/carried
Pack ULA CDT 570
Plastic liner bag 40
Shelter TerraNova 3x3m SilTarp +guys, stakes 528
Tyvek ground sheet 1x2m 150
Sleeping System Western Mount. Summerlite 250g fill 525
Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Small 260
Bug Net 197
Cooking System Xlite alcohol stove, monster pot, lid 60
DIY pot cosy 10
Full fuel canister (metho) 65
DIY food cosy 39
Sea to Summit long handled spoon 11
Lighter – small bic 10
Hydration System Swayer squeeze filter + 2Lt bag for dirty water 140
2 Lt Platapus for clean water 35
2 x Gatorade bottles 72
Clothing Nylon running shorts 90 y
Pants – zipoff’s 300 y
Long sleeve shirt 223 y
Icebreaker Merino s/s tshirt 150 y
Tech T-shirt l/sleeve 190 y
Icebreaker Socks 75 y
Buff/bandana 35 y
Broad brimmed hat 58 y
Down Jacket (Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer) 208 y
La Sportiva  trail runners 800 y
Dirty-girl gaiters 33 y
Icebreaker Merino 150 top 247
Icebreaker Merino 150 longs 190
Thinsulate gloves 40
Icebreaker Merino Beanie 50
Mozzie Face net 20
Shell pants 230
Shell jacket – Marmot Precip 370
Safety Photo copied maps in plastic snap lock 24
Compass 30
First Aid/Survival/Repair Kit 238
Komperdell trekking poles x2 560  y
Small LED bike light 18
Spare batteries x2 7
Razor blade and case 2
10m plumbline cord 10
Etrex GPS (w. batteries) 136
SPOT Tracker w. batteries 137
Toiletries Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, repellant, zinc) 170
Hand sanitizer – measured amount 30
Sunscreen – measured amount 40
Tech towel 70
Tent stake as trowel 17
Luxury Kindle eReader 270
Small Olympus camera 170
Food 650g / per day 1950
Water 3 Lt carry 3000
Base Weight 5228
Food & Water 4950
Pack Weight 10233
Clothes worn & walking poles 2722
Skin Out Weight: 12955

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