BT Day 26: Collie Zero 628.3km (0km)

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Not a whole lot going on today.

Some food shopping and searching out a new gas canister.

I wasn’t quite sure what options Dwellingup was likely to have from their small IGA. I was backing it would enough to get by but likely to have limited options, particularly around breakfast foods which I’m picky about.  So with the variety available from Collie I grabbed some extra food stuffs to see me through to Kalamunda with a supplementary resupply from Dwellingup.

For good measure I threw in some fresh fruit to much on through the day and some juice. This gives me the illusion of eating healthier in towns.

My resupply looked fine in the shopping trolley. That quickly changed when all the items were loaded into shopping bags and I walked out of the supermarket with the huge weight that I realised I would need to first fit in my pack and second be able to carry it all. 

All the boxes and unnecessary packagings get binned of course for some minor weight reduction.


    1. Thanks Jeff. Not the healthiest options but light and easy to prepare. If it involves much more than boiling water I’m not that interested.

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