8 day Lightweight Kit

This is the kit that I used through the Western Arthurs in Tasmania. I used this trip as a testing ground for gear I planed to take on my Te Araroa thru hike in New Zealand, hence some of the stranger items carried like an ipad mini. The Western Arthurs sort of mimics the number of days and difficulties of the longest stretch on Te Araroa, the Richmond Range. On previous trips to the South West of Tasmania I have slogged it out starting with packed weights close to 25kg for a similar length walk – this is still the case for many people these days – I have vowed never to carry this much again. While I’m confident and comfortable with my choices of the light weight gear I took down there, I would not recommend these choices to all people. The following is my full list of gear carried on the Western Arthurs Range – I ended up cutting this trip short due to weather but did carry a full 8 days supply of food.

ITEM Grams
Osprey Exos58 1000
Osprey pack cover 115
Packing Sub-total 1115
Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tarp Tent 650
Tyvek ground sheet 80
10 x stakes, guy lines, paracord and bag 235
Shelter Sub-total 965
Western Mountaineering Summerlite sleeping bag 525
Silk Liner 157
Thermarest Neoair – Womens model (higher R value) 318
Inflatable Pillow 48
Sleep Sub-total 1048
2 Lt Cambelbak bladder with Sawyer in-line filter 302
soft Nalgene 1Lt bottle 100
Cook Kit* 584
Cooking Sub-total 986
Clothing – packed
2 x Icebreaker merio boxer 100
Icebreaker 150 weight Thermal Pants 158
ULA Rain Kilt 66
NGX Shell Pants 230
Icebreaker 150 Thermal L/S Top 247
Mountain Hardwear hooded Ghost Whisperer down jacket 208
Icebreaker Merino beanie 50
Thinsulate Gloves 40
Gortex overmits 193
2 x Icebreaker Socks 110
Marmot Precip Shell Jacket 367
Thongs 154
Clothing packed Sub-total 1923
Other Items
GPS with batteries Garmin 62 195
SPOT Tracker with batteries 137
Kindle ereader in water proof case 318
Ipad mini in water proof case 418
Silva Compass 30
Maps & trail notes in zip-lock 158
Pocket Knife Victorinox basic one 60
Mozzie Face Net 20
Toiletries – Toothpaste, toothbrush, insect repellant, zinc stick, lipbalm, hydropel, talc, sunscreen 164
1st Aid* 170
Repair & emergency* 124
Chamis towel 36
Kitchen Sink! 128
Thermarest Sit pad 58
Camera – Canon D30 Powershot 229
Other Sub-total 2245
Clothing – Worn, Items Carried
Icebreaker Merino Boxer 50
Columbia Zip-off pants + belt 311
Macpac short sleeve Merino tshirt 154
Macpac long sleeve shirt 197
Liner Socks 25
Icebreaker Socks 54
Outdoor Research Gaiters 215
La Sportiva Wildcat trail runners 682
Buff 35
2XU visor 49
Julbo Sunglasses with bag 54
Watch with suunto clip-it compass 40
Leki Trekking Poles – pair 530
Clothing worn Sub-total 2396
Large Butane Gas canister 644
Food average 650g/day 5200
Water 2Lt 2000
Consumables Sub-total 7844
Base weight (pack, shelter, sleep, cooking, clothing packed & other) 8282
Consumables (weight decreases daily) 7844
Total carried 16126
Worn/carried 2396
Skin out weight (absolutely everything) 18522

* Cook kit included: kovea stove head, 1 Lt Stoic Ti pot and pan, Ti mug, Ti long handle spoon, home made pot cozy, chux, small bic lighter
* Repair Kit – as described above.
* First Aid – as described above.