Bushwalking Resume

A short list of just some of the many walks I’ve completed in recent times.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or are after some info on any of these areas: mickbeckers@yahoo.com.au


  • Reedy Creek Chasm, East Gippsland
  • Mount Bogong (too many times to mention, all seasons)
  • Wilderness Coast Walk, Far East Gippsland and South Coast NSW, Croajingalong NP
  • First Creek Falls, Errinundra National Park
  • Little River Gorge, Snowy River National Park
  • Mt Howitt, Mt Speculation, Mt Buggery & The Viking circuit, Alpine National Park
  • The Crinoline, Alpine National Park
  • Tali Karng, Alpine National Park
  • Mount Feathertop, Razerback circuit
  • Roaring Mag Falls, Mitchell River National Park
  • Mitchell River Walking Track, Mitchell River National Park
  • Mt Cobbler
  • Wilsons Prom, Northern Circuit
  • Wilsons Prom, Southern Circuit
  • Track 96, Briagalong State Forest
  • Cobberras traverse


New South Wales:

  • Light to Light, Ben Boyd National Park
  • Mt Kosciusko
  • The Pilot


Northern Territory:

  • Larapinta Trail, 230km, 10.5 days.
  • Mt Zeil


The State 8:

State Mountain Height (metres)


New South Wales Mount Kosciuszko 2228 Yep
Victoria Mount Bogong 1986 Yep
Australian Capital Territory Bimberi Peak 1913
Queensland Bartle Frere 1622 Yep
Tasmania Mount Ossa 1617
Northern Territory Mount Zeil 1531 Yep
South Australia Mount Woodroffe 1435 Delayed until 2021 due to Covid19 lockdowns
Western Australia Mount Meharry 1253


  • Mt Aspiring (3,033 m), New Zealand, Jan 2005
  • Island Peak (6,189m), Nepal, Oct 2010
  • Lobuje East (6,119m), Nepal, Oct 2010
  • Pokalde (5,806m), Nepal, Oct 2010
  • Kala Patar (5,643m), Nepal, Oct 210
  • Gokyo Ri (5,357m), Nepal, Oct 2010
  • Mt Dixon (3,004 m), New Zealand, Nov 2016

The Bucket list:

  • Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia – Planned April 2019 Delayed due to Covid19 lockdown.
  • Continental Divide, USA
  • Kungsleden, Iceland
  • GR20, Corsica
  • Australian Alps Walking Track, 600km, Vic, NSW & ACT.


  1. Love your list, so extensive.
    I have done some NZ walks in 2015 but am planning one in February 2017.
    The Traverse Sabine.
    As the group are mainly very fit 60year olds that walk all the time I am in doubt of the direction we should attack the saddle from.
    Do we go UP THE STEEP……. safer in case you happen to trip BUT very very steep and slow
    or…… DOWN THE STEEP…….. where the possibility of rolling ankles on loose stones is fairly high.
    or if you fall down, you GO DOWN…!!!!

    Both are a problem… but I think of knees and backs etc.

    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks for listening
    Roxanne Dunn. Australia

    1. Hi Roxanne. The Travers-Sabine walk is fantastic. Sounds like you’re doing the circuit. I would start with Speargrass Hut heading up the Sabine valley to Sabine and West Sabine Huts. Approach Travers Saddle from the north up the long climb, over the saddle to Upper Travers Hut and complete the circuit. The climb up is long and hard, but much more demanding as a descent coming the other way. Hard on the knees and on scree sections. The descent towards Upper Travers Hut is also steep but not as long or severe. Hope this helps. Most of all enjoy your time out there. Mick

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