BT Day 14: Schafer to Warren 371.9 (20km)

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A crispy morning and cruisey day. The lake was enveloped by a thick white fog when I woke. The coldest night I’ve spent on trail so far. I didn’t have far to go today so had a semi sleep in, only stirring when the others got got.

A lazy breakfast was had around the table with all, rugged up in layers and plenty of chatter.

I was away by around 7:30 or so and took a slow pace. I love this time of morning. The sun just up and spilling light in through the tree canopy, long beams of light extending through the forest.

The trail was perfect.

Along the way passing the famous Gardner bridge.

A quiet and uneventful day but another great one. I arrived at Warren just after 1pm for a quiet lunch by myself and soon to be joined by John and Kevin, a couple of south bounders. Jo came in later in the afternoon as well.

One of the real joys in thru hiking is meeting so many likeminded individuals from so many different walks of life, all sharing this common hiking experience. The four of us spent the afternoon having lots of deep discussions over multiple brews about all manner of things. Many a funny moment was had particularly when Jo described the most unusual X-ray she has had to do. Let’s just say it will involved a pool noodle and one very embarrassed guy. John and Kevin very pleased to be more than half way and on the back end of their journey.

I always forget to take photos or video of the people I meet along the way and of general life on travel – like the huge dinner cook ups, all rugged up with puffy jackets at night, the mess of pack explosions when people get settled… I’ll have to remedy this.


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