BT Public Service Announcement: Sorry for the mass upload

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Hey y’all, apologises for the mass uploads of blogs. Cell service is not great along the Bibb. I’ve tried to spread them out so that you might get a single update email a day but it just isn’t working. So you are getting bombardment with notification after notification.

Limited connectivity makes it hard to upload photos as I go and I’m forced to make mass uploads when in town with decent service. As it happens I have great service in a tapas bar in Pemberton and am making a mad rush of uploads while I can… it certainly beats waiting 5 minutes for a single photo upload.

Thanks for following along as well! As long as one person is reading these and getting something out of them it makes it all worthwhile (memories for me as well). Shoutouts in particular to the usual suspects (you know who you are) Nigel, Sebastian, Emma, Sarah, Ken, Olympus, Marty etc…


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