Rainy Washington

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2305.5 to 2328.3, 22.8 miles

Today was wet. I got up packed and was hiking by 6:15am. Around 10 minutes in a heavy mist started settling and I threw on my rain layers. They never came off for the rest of the day.

Heavy mist turned into light rain that occasionally turned into heavy rain. Enough rain to be really annoying. That soaking type of rain. Enough to keep me covered all day and my umbrella deployed.

With the rain came thick cloud, so thick that it was difficult to see the tree tops. Needless to say there were not many views or photos today.

As for the trail, well there is nothing to describe. I walked the exact same section, same camp site to camp site last year and there is nothing to really add.

What I will say is how tough the Americans are. Approaching Chinook Pass, the entrance to Mt Rainier National Park, I’m rugged up, rain layers on and umbrella helping keep my top half drier, head down to keep the rain off and I keep passing people 2 miles into their day hike or people just starting a hike. In fact whole families with young kids in tow. No top of the line rain shells, just ordinary jackets, maybe with a hood, shorts or denim jeans, just walking along like it’s a sunny day. You can guarantee Aussie’s would not be doing the same and especially not with young kids. Good on them I reckon. At least it’s a short walk for them and they can get changed. I’m stuck with the same wet clothes tomorrow as it is looking like the weather is settling in even harder with no chance to dry anything.

Luckily my tent can handle a downpour and I’m rugged up in my thermal layers and sleeping bag, toasty warm and dry for now. Always when packing these are my priority items that get packed so there is no chance they will get wet.

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