Mozzie hell

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2287.2 to 2305.2, 18 miles

A shorter day today but feeling every bit of it.

From Hidden Spring it was a quick 1.5 climb to a great vantage point looking across to Mt Rainier. From there it was all down to Hwy 12 and a short walk to White Pass. There were some great views to start with, then it was in through the trees dodging mosquitoes. So many of the buggers. You literally can not sit down for a 5 minute break without a cloud of the things descending on you, searching out any available piece of skin. Ears and hands are their favourite eatery.

I got to the store just after 10am and resolved to hang about just long enough to get some food, a coffee and get some laundry done; plus pick up my resupply. There were around 10 others there doing the same.

Without the hiker hunger I had last time I was here, there really wasn’t a reason for me to stay put and I wanted to get another 10 mile in today to bring down the distance to Snoqualmie Pass to 88 miles or around 4 days of around 22 miles/day. A good pace for sure straight back in the game and I just don’t have it in me to push any bigger miles yet. By the end of the day my feet are screaming and I’m just shuffling along.

It was a gradual climb from White Pass for around 5 miles then slowly down, past so many different ponds, lakes and meadows. The water bodies are a bit weird. One will be crystal clear and blue, while just on the other side of the trail another will be dank and brown. Maybe some are spring fed and others fill by runoff?

I got my 10 miles in and call it quits at Snow Lake, the same camp site I had coming out of White Pass last year. Familiar turf is nice but I’m looking forward to some new places to stay, my feet just didn’t have enough to take me any further today.

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