Day 114: Stevens Pass / Skykomish

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Mile 2444.7 to mile 2464.2 (19.5 miles, 31.4 km)

This morning continued the theme of very steep, twisting, turning switchbacks over rocky terrain. The trail lead from one mountain bowl over minor passes and straight down into another bowl, only to repeat the same three or four times.

It was difficult work for sure but it was really only 2/3 of ‘normal’ day with only 20 miles to put in.

I’m buoyed but the fact that there is a stiff breeze today and the skies have cleared some what. Smoke still does linger, seen vividly with the morning sun casting long beams through the tree tops.

Reaching Stevens Pass by mid afternoon it only took about 5 minutes to get a hitch into Skykomish. I had my last is my last resupply box sent to the Cascadia Inn but hadn’t booked a room. Happy to chance it and glad that I did, I ended up with the last room which included a private bath. If there was no room at the inn I planed to pick up my box and hitch back out to the trail. Now I have a bit more time to get organised for the last push towards the finish line, get some laundry done, have a beer and a feed at the local watering hole.

I got talking to a local for a long time over a couple of Porters and some mighty fine chicken. I think this is the first time I’ve eaten chicken for 4 months.

Back o to that ESP thing I was on about the other day, I just learned that Zack, aka Fievel, has reached the border, taking the alternate route around to the west. Great job! Hikers have left flags as a make shift PCT monument.


    1. It’s actually taken a lot less than I expected. The way the trail is built makes for quick hiking and I’ve found myself two weeks in front of where I thought I would be. It has actually taken me fewer days to hike the PCT than my hike through New Zealand which is about 1,000km shorter than the PCT.

    1. For sure! I love it. There are so many to choose from across the world: the Continental Divide Trail, Appalachian Trail, Australian Alps Walking Track, Heysen Trial, Bibbulmun Track etc… then again, relaxing in a hammock on a tropical beach sounds pretty good.

    1. Hey guys. I can’t say I got sick of it as any day outdoors is better than being at work but it was great to finish. It’s a bloody long way and the last few weeks seemed to take forever. My body is tired and I need a rest so good to be done.

  1. What motivated you to do this trail? – Go look at my youtube channel ‘Seth’s Extreme Fishing’

    1. The main motivation was to set myself a challenging goal and spend lots of time out doors. Nice fishing 👍. Go look at my YouTube channel Mick Beckers

  2. hey its Bridget from year 9/10 outdoor ed, have you got bored of the scenery or do you still love it everyday?

    1. Walking through trees all day gets a bit boring but everyday is rewarded with some awesome views – across a mountain valley; a beautiful waterfall; a snow capped peak etc… these never get boring

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