Day 115: Fogged In – Lake Sally Ann

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Mile 2464.2 to 2493.5 (29.3 miles, 47.1 km)

It was a restless nights sleep last night. A combination of a very old squeaky bed and intermittent train horns blaring at all hours. The Cascadia Inn is right across from the railway tracks. Great people and great service but if you are after a good nights rest or not a heavy sleeper probably look elsewhere. I think I’m getting better sleep in my tent out in the woods. The last few stays in town I haven’t slept well at all. I love my little yellow house, thermarest and quilt.

Hoisting my pack with a fresh resupply I was keen to make a start on what is now the final section. My pack can not get any heavier now, only lower as I consume my food. Walking out to the highway I had a short wait for a ride back to Stevens Pass, catching a lift with the Chief of Operations and a lifty who were car pooling to work.

The morning was fresh. Thick fog had rolled in overnight and blanketed everything. It would hang around all day. The cold wind blowing in from the west required the use of wind pants to take the chill off, too cold for shorts today. I would keep the wind pants on all day which was a first. Typically they stay on until mid morning but not today.

Climbing back up into the hills the low cloud clung to the trees making for a dark and moody day in the forest. Whistling through the tree canopies the thin vales of white danced around, twisting and spinning playfully.

One type of tree, I’m not sure what species, would catch the fog and funnel it down to the ground causing patchy ‘rain’ as I walked underneath. Isolated patches of wet ground in amongst the dry red dust.

It was another day of steep climbs up and back down all day.

Fields of heavily laden blueberry bushes lined the trail making for the most delicious snacks by the handful. The sweet smell alone as you brush past the bushes could fill you up.

It seems a lot of hikers have skipped north and are heading southbound now. In the late afternoon I ran into Veto heading south. Veto is a UK expat from Australia who I walked parts of the desert with. I don’t think I’ve seen him since around Cajon Pass. We stopped and chatted for a while, wishing each other well and continuing our journeys.

While the fog hung around all day and into the evening it looks like the change in weather has cleared out the fire smoke for a change. Patches of blue sky and clear views could be seen between the fog. Hooray!

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