Day 105: Taking it Easy

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Mile 2232.5 to mile 2260.7 (28.2 miles, 45.4km)

With plenty of food and lots of time on my hands it was time to slow down a bit and walk smaller miles.

The air was choked with smoke and unfortunately obscured the view of Mt Adams. This was a shame as the trail passes right past its base.

Mixed terrain all day again. Alpine meadows, burn areas and lava flows. Minor climbs and relatively flat terrain all day.

Taking a break by a creek to wash socks, Camel comes by who I last saw before Ashland.

There is a fire closure coming up get around a section of trail closed to the south of White Pass. There was no rush to get through to White Pass and I’m taking my time.

Will probably start the reroute section tomorrow.

Late in the afternoon I hit the Goat Rocks Wilderness, one of the most spectacular sections of trail I’ve heard. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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