Day 106: Goat Rocks Reroute

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Day 105: Fire Closure Reroute

PCT mile 2260.7 to mile 2278.6 Elk Pass (17.9

Fire Closure reroute? 10 miles?

Total 27.9 miles, 44.9 km

Battery is low and not a lot of detail in this one. Additional detail to be added later.

Amazing country to walk through. A pity about the constant smoke.

Snow makes the perfect addition to cool water bottles.

Neo and Heaps

Two fires are burning north of here and the PCT has been rerouted via the Coyote Trail. From the trail junction you actually get remarkably good views across to the PCT and can see the smoke billowing up behind the hill on which the trail runs by.

Other than a line on the map there isn’t a lot known about the rerouted section. I expected it to be rougher for sure.


  1. Hello again Mick. Great photo of the individual filling a water bottle. You are coming back to your country on fire in winter. Your patch is in drought, destocked paddocks with kangaroos taking whats left. NSW 76 fires with 28 of those currently uncontained. Your 105th day. How many more for this walk. How do you manage the glare of the snow? Do you have to wear sun screen? Keep well. Lots of love.

    1. Thanks. Snow in water bottles is awesome. The sun is not so harsh over here. Over snow, for sure lots of sunscreen but during the day only have to apply it once a day which is great because there is nothing worse than putting more greasy gunk on your body every day. Have fun abroad.

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