Day 12: Climbing, climbing, climbing

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Day 12: Amile 214.1 to mile 239.9, (25.8 miles,41.5km, 13 hours)

Not much to report today. Lots and lots of climbing all day. I had to push a big day with 25 miles because I underestimated my food by a day to get Big Bear City. I have enough for a day and a half and no more. I will just scrape by to reach town for a resupply but might be eating a few nuts, gummy bears and a slice of cheese for lunch. Fuel is running low as well so dinner tomorrow might be cold soaked cous cous.

Much of today followed a mother freaking long river bed and it was a change to actually have a flowing water source close by through the day as it means much less water to carry. I was getting by carrying only a litre and refining on every crossing.

There are lots of wild flowers out. Masses of colour in all shades of the rainbow splattered across hillsides.

Down by the water masses of electric blue dragon flies flittered about but it was hard to capture them on film.

Today’s section was also the first were you have to dodge Poodle Dog bush, nasty bush that exudes a resin that can blister the skin if contact is made. I was wearing shorts so there moments I’d have to carefully sneak through without touching it or head off trail and avoid it completely. I think I’m unscathed. No reactions thus far. Wearing pants doesn’t really help either as while you can avoid direct contact with your legs, the resin is transferable, so if later your hands rub your pants it can spread. Better off just avoiding it completely.

So there you have it today’s update. My biggest mileage do far and with mostly climbing all day. Looking forward to building into my first 30 miler but reckon I need some flatter terrain.

Happy trails.

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