Day 13: An Easier Day

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Day 13: mile 239.9 to mile 256.2 (16.3 mile, 26km, 6 hours)

A nice leisurely day today given yesterday’s epic mileage. I’m trying to set myself up for a ‘Nero’ day in Big Bear City. To reach the interstate from last nights camp and get a hitch into town would have meant another 26 miler, which would put me on the interstate late in the evening. What I really want to do, to make the most of an in town down day, is to get into town early, find a room and take advantage of the whole day to get food, get laundry done and take in some nice food and beer.

So to do that I’ve opted for a 16 miler today which puts me at a camp site 10 miles from the interstate. If I have an early get away I’ll be in town by 10am.

This morning was lovely. With no pressure to be anywhere or reach a particular water source I dosed through my alarm and got up at 5:30. Away from camp at 6 the first leg of this morning was a gentle climb through pine forest. It is great being back in the forest, especially after being in the open yesterday. The cool mountain air makes for perfect hiking conditions. The spruce and pines fragmenting the air. Lots of squirrels dart about the place and the air is filled with bird life.

Mid morning the terrain was undulating. Steady climbs and descents but all really gradual and easy to do. Today’s cooler conditions (high teens Celsius) also helped.

I saw a bear today but not in the circumstances one would like. The PCT passed on the boundary of a property that house animals for movies. Unfortunately the caged bears did not look so happy. One pacing up and down it’s tiny cage, the either propped motionless and probably bored shitless.

I was in no rush. 16 miles is probably my shortest day so far and it was easy to just to ramble on.

I reached Arrastre Camp site a little after 2 pm with the whole afternoon to laze about, look at my maps and plan for the next leg to Wrightwood. I’ve love to have a coffee but I fear my gas will run out and there won’t be enough for dinner.

Also at camp with the same plan in getting an early start and into town is Nacey, an older, super quick lady. Great chats had all afternoon.

Oh, and passed 250 miles today.

Turns out I lost my head torch too.

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