BT Day 12: Dog Pool to Gardner 323.3km (41km)

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A very boring day spent bashing along fire trails and green corridors with no views at all. So this will be a short entry.

If there was a day to knock over 40km this was one stretch to pull it off. Mostly flat through the whole day. It was really just a hard slog day with the head down and the legs working.

The afternoon traversed along the edge of Gardner River but with the scrub so thick there was barely a glimpse of the river less than 20m away.

It was great to get into Gardner and throw the pack down. A couple of others where there, Bill a south bounder and Jo a north bounder. Jo has been ahead since the start and another hiker I’ve I keep seeing entries from in the shelter registers. Tales of her kissing her phone back near long point prove to be correct. All the south bounders who had met her had heard the story and were passing it on to north bounders to keep an eye out for it. Unlucky for her I haven’t seen it.

We got a fire going and spent the early part of the evening watching the flames, cooking dinner and sharing stories from our lives. Bill, mid 50s, had lots of questions about the PCT being a US expat and Jo many on Te Araroa in New Zealand. Jo, a young 20 something radiographer now has a taste for thru hiking and think I’ve convinced her to give the TA a crack in the near future. The Bibb is a great introduction distance for long distance hiking. I love the social aspect of trail life around the fire.

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