Keeping tabs on my movements

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To let family and friends back home know that all is well, each day I’ve been using a Garmin InReach to send my nights camp location to them.

If you haven’t heard of an InReach check them out. No I’m not sponsored.

A company called Delorme used to own InReach, making a two way satellite communicator that allowed text messages to be sent back and forth from most places on the planet using the Irridium satellite network, the same as a sat phone.

A few years ago Garmin bought Delorme out and integrated the InReach with a GPS unit.

Anyway, long story short my location at the end of the day is sent from my InReach with a short message basically saying ‘everything is good, this is where I am’.

I learned today that my young nephews are tracking my trip progress at home with a big map and moving a Lego character each day. I thought that was so cool and had to share it.

This is what I received this afternoon:


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