Day 48: Mammoth Lakes Zero

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Miles: 0

My motel room has a bath and I soaked for a long time last night.

It feels like an age since I’ve taken a full day off. Even in Kennedy Meadows I ended up making this a Nero and walking out of town late in the afternoon just to escape the craziness that occurs when 100 plus hikers hit town at the same time.

No alarm and a nice long sleep in before tracking down a real latte and breakfast burrito.

It is well deserved day off I reckon, although days in town are not really restful with some much to do.

I had to write a list just to stay on track will all the tasks today:

  • Buy a food resupply for the next leg
  • Buy a food resupply for Sierra City and mail it
  • Return borrowed ice axe
  • Send gear home to Australia
  • Go to outfitters for gas and new pole tips
  • Buy clothes from thrift store so I could wash all my clothes
  • Go to laundromat and wash everything
  • Back flush Sawyer filter
  • Scrub cooking pot and spoon
  • Eat healthy

I have breakfast is sorted –

In the next major resupply point, South Lake Tahoe, I will take two full rest days off, a first on this trip.


  1. Great energy breakfast. I know the chobani brand quite well. I deserved that well earned soak in the bath. Thrift stores are the best for this sort of trip. Laughing out loud about the thought of all that dirt and grime filling up the washing machine.

  2. If you decide to get Mr Sykes’s 9/10 outdoor ed class American lollies/chocolate/cakes get ones that sound interesting to you.

    What’s been the most scariest part of the walk?
    What’s been the highlight so far?
    Are there anymore pretty flowers?

    We hope you’re really enjoying the walk and staying positive!

    1. Hey Tahoe and Jemma.

      Thanks for the questions.

      Scariest part so far? There are a few. Almost stepping on a rattlesnake in the desert. Crossing a raging snow melt flooded river over deep water with a pack on, on a tiny pine tree that was wobbling 2 thirds the way across – I thought I was going for a swim for sure. Camping in bear country for the first time – I was sure every noise I heard was a bear. I’ve since learnt that they aren’t that interested in you if you store food properly.

      The highlight? The Sierra mountains. Walking over high snow covered mountain passes with incredible views on all sides for days. It was tough but definitely the highlight so far. I hope the rest of the trail can live up to the Sierras.

      Are there more pretty flowers? Yep, most definitely. I’ll post a separate blog of flower photos for you and throw the challenge back to – can you identify them for me?

      I am loving the walk and looking forward to what’s ahead. If some of my posts seem a bit negative that is probably because I write my blog at the end of the day when I’m absolutely wrecked. I’ll try and keep them a bit more up beat.

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