PCT Walkumentary

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After several months of editing my video footage from the trail I’m proud to announce that I have finally finished my ‘walkumentary’ of the Pacific Crest Trail – Stumbling North.

I was aiming for a final product of around 45 minutes but it’s ended up at right on a hour long. It was incredibly difficult to cull four months of footage down to an hour and making decisions on what to inclue and what to leave out. I have another three hours of raw footage and diary pieces that ended up on the cutting floor but footage that I can always look back on.

Some of the footage is a littel shakey given it’s all captured hand held using a GoPro. I did purchase a gimble prior to leavng for the US but it was just a little heavy to carry day in, day out and it stayed at home.

I’ve managed to slip in a couple of tracks from one of my bands Eastern Beach with yours truly on drums as some backing music – hope you like it.

So grab your self a cuppa or beer, settle onto the couch and enjoy.

If you like it, please give it the thumbs up on YouTube.

And if any budding directors have any critical feedback on what worked or what doesn’t please let me know.


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