Day 98: Timberline Lodge

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Mile 2075.8 to mile 2096.9 (21.1 miles, 33.9 km)

Oregon is meant to be be flat right? The trail started out flat around the shore of Timothy Lake and brought me to Little Crater Lake. A small lake, or hole rather, filled with the clearest blue water imaginable. Whole trees fallen into the water lie suspended on the bottom. The early morning light wasn’t the best for photographs given the phones focus on the surface reflections and not into the water beyond but I post a few anyway to maybe get the idea. It is way more impressive up close and personal.

From here there were a series of step ups through the day, small, steep climbs. Mostly through tree cover so not really any views although the occasional glimpse of Mt Hood did present through gaps in the trees. I’m not great on tree species over here but we have moved out of pine country and now into more Firs, Spruce and Cedar.

The hardest climb of the came late in the day towards the Timberline Lodge. Exiting the tree line the trail became a path of deep, fine grained, granitic grey sand and was truly like walking up a steep sand dune. The payoff was the reveal of Mt Hood itself. It’s been hidden most of the day and grew bigger on the rate and small glimpses through the trees, only now to be shown, uncovered in all its glory. More smoke is also evident around the hills.

There is a small camp in amongst the trees just near the Timberline Lodge and being earlier than most, quickly found a prime location and set up my tent.

Being a shorter day and only early afternoon I had the rest of the day to play. I picked up my resupply box and had a good poke around the Timberline Lodge. Famous for a few things, the Lodge was part of the post 1930 depression era public works and probably best known for the location of the film The Sinning…. redrum, redrum… you know the one… with Jack Nicholson going crazy and wielding an axe. The axe is on display and you can handle it and get a photo if you like. I left my phone in my tent, maybe tomorrow.

Opening my resupply box I realised I forgot lunch items. Luckily there is a bus that quickly had me in Government Camp but it wouldn’t return until after 7pm. So I had a couple of hours to spare in the small village. What is one to do in these situations? Find a bar of course and sample the local brew. Recognising I’d be back to my tent and gear late I grabbed some dinner and topped it off with icecream. Good times.

It is great having full cell service in my tent and planning ahead for the next few legs of this hike. I’ve managed to assemble some food resupplies ahead online, secure a room in Cascade Locks for a zero, get this blog up to date and touch base with Vicky for a possible zero right towards the end.

Looking forward to the breakfast buffet tomorrow morning.

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  1. Timothy Lake so clear and holding its captive trees. I was reminded of the peat bogs in Scotland. Beautiful photos again Mick. You sound like you are in a peaceful space, a nice place to be on such a long journey. Thank you.

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