Day 96: Ollalie Lake / Timothy Lake

Mile 2039.9 to mile 2075.8 (35.9 miles, 57.8 km)

Reaching Ollalie Lake early, at around 8am, I was a little disappointed. For some reason I thought this place had a lot more going on and I was sort of hoping that I could zero here. Well there is zero happening so I won’t be. There was a small, but well stocked, store which I scanned and quickly threw together a resupply to get me through the next two days. The store itself has no power, was dark inside and it’s a cash only job. A gas powered fridge did offer up cold cans of Coke and Gatorade. With my resupply done I was out of there and on towards the Timberline Lodge. It’ll take two days to get there. I’m looking forward to the hiker famous breakfast buffet the following morning.

The terrain from Ollalie Lake is reasonably flat and it is between here and the Timberline Lodge that many hikers take on either a 50 mile challenge or 24 hr challenge. They either hike 50 miles in a day or see how far you get in 24 hours. I had no interest in either of these figuring that you need a full day to recover after both and I want to be able to keep walking. I did however think that if there is a chance to break 40 miles, this would be it.

With the flat terrain there were no views all day and more of the green tunnel type affair. So it was head down and smash out the miles for me.

There were so many south bounders today, 25 to 30 must have passed by. I guess we’ll be walking into the SOBO herd for the next week.

Towards the end of the day I teamed up with Tunes who I met at Big Lake Youth Camp. She was trying to get in 30 for the day.

I ended the day with 35.9 miles but just didn’t have the extra 4.1 in me. I’m sure I could have dug in hard and walked into the night but what can I say. Maybe I’m getting too soft. I was more than happy with the distance. It sets me up with a smaller day tomorrow. Pushing 40 miles I would have had shattered feet, sore muscles and need extra time off for recovery.

We ended up at Timothy Lake in a small camp on the edge of the water. After a hard days hiking there was only one thing to do – jump in for a swim. The water was amazing and just what we needed to wash the muck off bodies and cool tired muscles. The first couple of metres required tentative steps with the jagged volcanic rock but once the deeper water was found it was brilliant.

It should be an easier day tomorrow and I’ll hopefully get into some cell service.

About mickbeckers

G'day my name is Mick. I have a love for all things outdoors. In 2014-15 I completed a thru-hike of Te Araroa in New Zealand which now has me addicted to long distance hiking. Day to day I'm a forest firefighter in Australia and have the opportunity to work internationally. Much to the annoyance of my neighbours I also have 20 years under my belt as a drummer for several bands.
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One Response to Day 96: Ollalie Lake / Timothy Lake

  1. Maggie says:

    Ticking all the boxes and you are not” getting too soft.” You are doing the right thing by your body, mind, and spirit. May the eagle spirit continue to lift you in your journey.

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