Day 72: Burney Zero

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Miles: 0

Zero going on today. Rest, relax and resupply.

Had breakfast with another Aussie on trail.

Lots of people taking zeros in Burney today. It’s pushing 100 degrees.

The Burney Motel has been great. Central to everything I need.

The owners will give me a ride back out to the trail at 6am to beat the heat! Perfect.

New socks.

Sent a bunch more gear home to lighten the load yet again.

Prime rib dinner. Oh yeah.


  1. hey mate, hows the walk going. have you seen any bears yet and what do you eat on the walk. lots of love from Max and Jock xo

    1. Hi guys.
      Thanks for the đź’•
      Going great guns. Recently picked up my pace to average 30 miles a day. That’s around 48 km a day. I’ve lost a heap of weight, maybe 15 kgs or so. Feet are sore but the body is holding up well. This next section is all about the mental challenge and staying focused.

      A typical days food goes something like this:

      1st Breakfast – something that doesn’t need cooking, usually pop tarts and a museli bar, plus a cold coffee

      2nd breakfast – around 2 hours into the day, a bar of some description, usually a Luna Bar, Cliff Bar or Lara Bar

      Mid morning – protein bar, nuts and dried fruit

      Lunch – wraps, with salami and cheese or peanut butter or Nutella, nuts, jerky, M&M’s and dried fruit

      Afternoon – more bars, lollies to get some sugar

      Dinner – Noodles & Tuna; instant mass & tuna or jerky; or a freeze dried meal. Chocolate bar for desert.

      About 4 litres of water through the day mixed in with an electrolyte mix at least once a day.

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