Day 57: South Lake Tahoe Zero 1

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Miles: 0

An awesome zero day in South Lake Tahoe.

I had a great sleep in a comfy bed and had a big sleep in.

This place has everything a thru hiker needs.

I’m staying at the Paradice Motel and have been made to feel at home by the manager Mei, who aspires to hike the trail.

The Paradice is perfectly located and central to everything. Right across the road from Raleys, probably the biggest supermarket on trail; lots of different eateries; and Tahoe Sports for outdoor gear.

Today was a day of pampering myself. It’s the first full two days off since starting the trail. Also real close to my birthday. I was trying to line up days off on my birthday but it didn’t quite work out. That’s ok. I treated myself to some presents anyway in having a much needed massage for legs and shoulders; and visited the barber to get my hair cut and wild beard cleaned up.

It’s super easy to get around town with Lime electric scooters and bikes to hire. For a bike it’s a dollar for a half hour and the scooters are 15 cents a minute. It has made it good fun zooming around town to get chores done.

I’ve resupplied with five days of food, enough to get me through to Sierra City, my next resupply point.

South Lake Tahoe is a really touristy town. Basically the lake is like a inland beach for the area and heaps of people come for their summer holidays. Beautiful blue water and nice beaches. Lots of boutique clothe stores, gift shops and bars. In winter time it’s a thriving ski village.

The Californian-Nevada border is about 200m away and on the Nevada side sit a bunch of casinos. I visited Harrahs Casino, not to gamble but to hit up the all you can eat buffet for dinner and calorie load. Great idea at the time but boy did I over do it.

Here is how the buffet went down:

Sushi for starters, a few Pizza slices, steamed veggies and meatloaf; pasta salad and shrimps, a Caesar salad, 5 different Asian dishes including mo mo’s; topped off with a jelly shot, moose cake and an eclair for desert. All washed down with a Dr Peppers. Disgusting right? Such gluttony. So much so that on the walk home, feeling ill from over eating I felt guilty on seeing a homeless fella and handed him enough cash to get a good feed himself.

Needless to say I slept well.

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  1. I think I’ve commented already. What are you doing to yourself Mick. Sometimes going without food along the way then a gut busting feast. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Your mind, plus the smell of fat, dough and sugar took over. Now let your body rest and catch up a bit. Love you

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