Day 58: South Lake Tahoe Zero 2

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Miles: 0

Another relaxing day.

Mei has really looked after me at the motel making it feel like home. Such a happy and friendly host. When first booking I did it over the phone and when going to check in, walking in with my dirty hiking clothes and pack, she instantly recognised me as a PCT hiker and upgraded my room free of charge on condition that I share my stories.

Each morning there has been coffee and a light breakfast on offer and I managed to get my laundry done.

Lots of questions about the PCT which I was more than happy to answer.

My only chore for the day was to send my resupply box ahead. There is not much left in it, basically some extra food and I put my warmer layers back in as NorCal is typically pretty hot.

Other than that I didn’t do much. Drank coffee, ate nice food and had a look in all the shops with no intention to buy.

With weight loss my long pants don’t fit anymore and seeing as I don’t really need them for NorCal they went into my resupply box. I’ll probably buy some in Ashland or Washington when it gets colder. But there are some cold morning and I needed some leggings separate from my thermals which are kept clean and dry for sleeping only, not daily wear. Looking (and asking) all over town there was nothing on offer for men. No Skins, no Nike, no Adidas, no nothing. The only thing I could find were outrageously bright leggings from the Sock Shop or tights from the supermarket. Beggars can’t be choosers. What do you think for $5. They’ll do the job and fit right in on the PCT. These were the best I could come up with, hot pink and sequins just aren’t my thing.

In the afternoon I talked to Mei about what to do with the key in the morning and found her engrossed the website – could this be the beginning of a future thru hiker? I trying to get the first bus out of town back towards the trail and didn’t want to bother her for early breakfast but she insisted she would have something sorted out. Later I went to see Sacario 2 at the movies and on returning found 4 boiled eggs, a muffin, OJ, apple, pastries and a bottle of water waiting in my room. Thanks Mei, your the best. Host of the year.

So it’s back out on trail tomorrow and probably out of cell service/wifi range for a bit.

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  1. Mel sounds like a community spirited person. Swapping your stories – what a great idea. Blessings to you and to your host Mel.

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