Day 20: Wrightwood Zero

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Not much to report today.

Lots of rest and good food.

Got my bounce box sorted and forwarded to Tehachapi and sent of a bunch of stuff home. Constantly looking for ways to cut my weight.

The pack will be full again tomorrow with a resupply of food.

Lots of hanging about with other hikers. Everyone hangs out the front of the grocery store as they have created a space with shade and provided recharging stations. It’s also a good place to hitch back to the trail.

Quite a few hikers have come straight into town and out again. I’m going to enjoy my day off. I know I’ll see heaps of people I know in the coming days back on trail.

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  1. Seems like a good opportunity to take a breath during your journey. Keep well. News from Aus Western Australia is on fire as i write. New addition to the Sharp household – Charlie’s new friend is a young rescue dog with a working background. Might keep the boys on their toes. Classic Winton on this weekend. Lots of love. Mum

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