Day 19: Wrightwood Nero

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Day 19: mile 364.3 to mile 369.3 (5 mile, 8km, 1.5 hours), hitch into Wrightwood.

An easy day today. Only 5 miles out the highway and a hitch into Wrightwood for a Nero day.

You see I have a bounce box waiting in Wrightwood but being a Sunday the post is closed and I have no choice but to wait until tomorrow to collect it.

I had always planned a 2 day test here so that works well.

Knowing that a virtually free day was ahead I took the opportunity to sleep in. By sleeping I mean 5:30am. Once the sun is up that is it, it’s just too hard to stay in bed and it seems appropriate to get the day underway. Zack and Ben has gone already, meeting a ride at 7am to take the opportunity for zero day at Zack’s place close by. Me, I didn’t want to hit the road too early, instead choosing to time my arrival in town when breakfast cafes would be open.

This mornings walk was leisurely with great views over looking the Mojave desert below to the north and rugged mountains on the surrounding sides. Much of this morning was walking through a ski field and past lifts.

In no time at all I was on the road and didn’t have to even stick my thumb out for a ride. A local was waiting to see who would come down the mountain and within 30 seconds my pack was in the back of the truck and I was on my wait to Wrightwood. The kindness of strangers still floors me.

A quick tour of town and I was dropped at a breakfast joint where I joined another PCTer, Diesel, for breakfast. Far too much food. I can never get through it. It seems a waste.

Let’s get political for a minute. With great service I don’t mind tipping but it seems to me an easy solution is for businesses to cut costs by offering less food, thus less food waste for them and maybe jack the prices up a bit; enabling them to pay staff higher wages. Just a thought. Food is cheap here but there is so much offered and wasted.

I’ve secured a room for the next 2 nights but checkin isn’t until 2pm, so I have half a day to relax, read, catch up on social media and revel in my filth before I can take a shower.

Omrie just arrived in town and now we wait in the shade for most of the day.

And I just bumped into Matadore who just arrived as well. Haven’t seen her for a week and a bit. Between PCTers there are no handshakes considering how grubby hands get – it’s all fist bumps. Lots of fist bumps going around this morning.

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