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G’day folks. After 6 months of procrastination I have finally got around to pulling together a final edit of my Bibbulmun Track End to End hike in Western Australia. Well it wasn’t all procrastination. For several months I’ve searched and searched for a missing SD card of footage from the first couple of days, including the start at the southern terminus and much of the spectacular coastline between Albany and Denmark. In the end I’ve had to bite the bullet and write it off as lost and just forge ahead with pulling a video together to post.

This video is similar in style to my previous long hikes but a little different. The Bibbulmun really wasn’t my favourite long hike and I had to force myself to take the camera out and film stuff at times. There were several long boring sections smashing out fire roads that are never much fun to walk and motivation is at an all time low for filiming; and days with bucketing down rain.

One thing I always regret on each and every hike is failing to capture footage of those hiking with and around me. There were a bunch of amazing people I met along the way from Albany to Kalamunda; sharing shelters with, sleeping along side them, warming up or drying out while sharing stories around roaring campfires; and enjoying beers and meals in towns while sharing stories from our unique lives. I’m not sure why I don’t get footage of them. I think part of it is feeling intrusive on the moments. So it looks like I’m solo and alone on the Bibb but that was far from the case. Next time I promise.

Also, the footage is a little shakey.  Apologises for that. I’m still using my tired old GoPro Hero 4. Loking back at the footage it is clear I’m desperately need of an upgrade to a 10 with the horizon capture and automated image stablisation to take the bounce out of footage that the Hero 4 produces.

Anyway, without further adue here its is. 


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  1. Thanks for the video. While it would be good to see some of those you met time is better spent talking to them yourself rather than videoing them.
    I look forward to your next walk, and new GoPro

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