BT Day 8: Unplanned Walpole Zero (0km)

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Like any rest day the chance to doze in and rest the legs was welcomed. I had very little to do today other than resupply some food at some stage before the local store shut its doors.

Gary runs a charter boat operation on Nornalup Inlet which has been seeing a full quota daily for a while now. He kindly reserved a seat for me on this sell out trip for the day and there was no way I could refuse. I’d help out where I could in return.

There was much to do to get the boat ready for the day and we spent the morning running about getting fuel cans ready, restocking with morning tea supplies etc…

What an experience that cruise was. It has to be be the very best, most memorable eco tours I’ve been on. Very hard to describe. Part ecotour, part history tour and part comedy sketch. The man’s head is filled with that much knowledge and history on all manner of topics. Best to check it out for yourself if you are Walpole: You won’t be disappointed. Gary is such a vibrant and passionate fella with incredible energy that is absolutely infectious.

It will be the most memorable Zero day I’ve had on any long hike.

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