Day 77: Sunrise to Sunset

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Mile 1519.9 to mile 1552.8 (32.9 miles, 52.9 km)

Out front of the herd with a bunch of others pushing big days, the crowd has certainly thinned out. I didn’t see anyone until lunchtime, a real rarity thus far. Typically you only have to sit on the side of the trail for 10 minutes and someone walks by.

It was a nothing sort of a day today, sorry to say, just doing the miles. It felt like a bit of a chore to be honest. That’s is just life. This is my life, on the trail, for the moment. Just like the ‘real world’ there is going to be days of magic and others that are a bit blah. Today was a blah day.

It wasn’t a hard day. Quite the opposite.

The terrain was mostly flat and allowed for easy walking. It was just long with the trail taking the most indirect route that is possible and it felt like there were a lot of junk miles.

On a positive note I was able to push almost 33 miles and get ever so closer to Oregon. Most hikers will resupply in Etna but it’s a really hard hitch and could potentially waste half a day just getting into town. I have enough food to make it through to Siead Valley. I always under estimate how long it will take me to get from A to B and end up packing out way too much. Leaving Dunsmuir I estimated 6 days to Siead Valley and I always like to pack a spare meal just in case. If I can maintain 30 mile days it will only take me three days to reach the Valley, the last resupply in California and then onto Ashland in Oregon.

Think I’ll take two days off in Ashland.

After lunch I met a new hiker, No Cello and caught up with Mission in the afternoon where we leap frogged for a bit.

Setting up camp Camel rolls in as does No Cello with Mr Giggles and an Israeli couple. Company is not something that I crave often, I like it but don’t have an urge to always be around others as some do but I must say it was great having company tonight. Sharing tales of adventure over dinner is the perfect antidote to lift the spirits. It turns out we are all feeling the same, pushing through the mental challenges that NorCal throws at you and all very keen to reach the border.

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