Day 7: A New Strategy

Day 7: Warner Springs 109.5 to mile 131.4 (22mile, 35km)

I can’t do the midday heat anymore. It is absolutely debilitating and requires carrying far too much water. Hiking in the sun you’re delirious by 4pm and the sun still beats down.

I needed a new strategy to adapt to the desert, I can’t fight it. So this morning I was up at 3:30am and out the gate by 4 am with the aim to get as many miles in before midday, wait out the heat, snoozing in the shade and continue on into the evening from around 5pm.

Actually I was aiming to get to Mike’s Place by midday, a full 18 miles and a full days hiking for the average punter.

Leaving in the cool morning air was awesome! The miles came quickly and I didn’t have to touch water for 2 hours, although I did ‘camel up’ before leaving Warner Springs.

Granted I didn’t see a lot other than the trail guiding the way under the narrow torch beam.

By 5:30am the first signs of the sun appeared and I could see without the artificial light, the trail leaving up for a major climb. Glade to be doing this in the cool than the heat.

Into some new terrain, the trail lead up and through big rock formations. Plenty of shade to be had under the rocks but not needed just yet.

By 9am the sweat was starting to pour out on the ascent up. My umbrella coming in handy again. It must be at least 10C cooler that thing.

10am and I’d completed 12 miles and had a chance to pause for short break watching 6 eagles soar on the thermals – or are they buzzards circling above what they think will be prey, me?

The last 6 miles were a chore, up and up and up. The new shoes didn’t let me down.

By 12:30pm I had made it the full 18 to Mike’s Place, another awesome individual who has opened up his place to hikers as a place to rest out the boiling afternoon sun. On arrival I was tossed a plate of potato hash, onions and hotdogs, plus a cold soda. And watermelon. Unbelievable. This is an important water resupply for most and as I write this there must by 25 hikers sleeping out the heat, getting rested up to put another stint in the evening.

I’ve walked more than most today and haven’t got a huge second wind for the evening, maybe another 6 miles.

Water sources are few and far between at the moment so I’ll drink up plenty, restock and carry an extra litre tonight as the next water source is a bit suss but I’ll have enough to get through to the next water.

Feeling good. Feeling strong.

Postscript: I managed to get in another 4mile in the evening until my feet said they were done for the day. That’s 22 miles for the day (35km) and in brand new shoes. I’m impressed.

About mickbeckers

G'day my name is Mick. I have a love for all things outdoors. In 2014-15 I completed a thru-hike of Te Araroa in New Zealand which now has me addicted to long distance hiking. Day to day I'm a forest firefighter in Australia and have the opportunity to work internationally. Much to the annoyance of my neighbours I also have 20 years under my belt as a drummer for several bands.
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2 Responses to Day 7: A New Strategy

  1. magsta1949 says:

    Sounds good mate. Using your brain to get through this trek. Good decision making.

  2. magsta1949 says:

    They are eagles. I think they are your token bird.

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