Full traverse of Western Arthurs not to be

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Unfortunately my trip to the Western Arthurs was cut short. I was hoping to traverse the whole range from Moraine A to the Lucifer Ridge and back along the Mackays track but after 5 days of constant fog, misty rain and the occasional heavier rainfall, I cut my losses and descended off Moraine K. Over the 5 days I really only caught 3 or 4 views of the surrounding mountains, with each only lasting around 10 mins. This was disappointing as half the reason to traverse the range is to take in the incredible views and appreciate the sheer beauty of the place. Not to worry, it just means I have to come back again. This is arguably the most difficult walk I’ve undertaken, increasingly so by going solo and in the wet conditions. There are some serious features to negotiate and it’s not a trip for the faint of heart. The crew that pioneered a route through here in the 60’s were out of their minds and deserve medals if they haven’t already got them – Order of Australian Champions I’m thinking. I’ll write a trip report up with photos and video when I get back to Vic. There is some great gopro footage. Big shout out to my trail buddies (hope I get this right) Aleisha, Sue, Kate & Steve – I know you’ll be reading this. Go team Launceston!

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  1. Sounds like a great big tall mountain to me son. Get back safe, i thought climbers always went with another one. I am looking forward to NZ in the comfort of a Euro van in April. Cant wait to see some of your photos though. Perhaps one is for a outdoor magazine. Mum

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