Heysen Day 17: 378.1 to Crystal Brook (30km today, 408.5km on trail)

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End of the line. One third of the Heysen.

I slept really warm and well over night. It rained off and on and I remained completely protected from both wind and rain. With only 30km in to Crystal Brook today I slept in past first light. Even with what is a late start for me, 7:30am, it would only take five hours or so and I’d be in town for lunch.

I packed slowly and in an adhoc manner not really caring how or in what order items were added to my pack; I would need very little out of it today. No routine of retrieving my tent first thing at the end of the day. What ever I decided to finally do I’d be in town and in a pub room tonight.

I started walking the trail in a chipper mood pretty much having cemented the idea to end this hike at Crystal Brook. And if todays route did anything at all, all it did was harden my resolve to finish up.

The entire 30km day was on yet more wet, red clay back country roads. Mud making for heavy foot placements. I would endure road walking one last time but would not have to worry about doing another 400 or so kilometres of the same.

There is not much more to say of this journey. I’d made it to Crystal Brook by 12:30, reaching the 408.5km mark and headed straight to the bakery. Roughly one third of the Heysen.

Sitting down to a meat pie lunch I set about planning my next moves.

For now the Heysen Trail is done for me.

A Heysen Section Hiker now, not and end-to-ender, I will be back to hike the southern third at some other time. The middle section holds no interest for me.

Thanks for reading and following along. Apologies this story was cut short for you. I’ll be back with some other adventure for sure.

Stay tuned. Happy hiking. Rock on. 🤟


  1. Good on you mate! If you’re not feeling it then there is no point pushing on. Takes guts sometimes to admit that. I’ve enjoyed the ride, look forward to more of your trails in the future. Cheers!

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