Heysen Day 9: Mt Arden South to Dutchman’s Hut (28km today, 220.4 km on trail)

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In the area I’m camped the map reads “Danger. Goat culling area.” but you sure as heck couldn’t tell. Within the first hour of today I’ve easily counted over 100 of the buggers. A couple of young snack packs almost at my feet and in reach to grab; small enough to carry as well; goat curry for dinner? This area is closed from next week for a bit of a clean out so happy to have been ae to pass through.

It was another pretty tough day. Starting with yet another dry creek bed, followed by another fence line through country so remote there wasn’t even much roo sign about, onto yet another dry creek bed to see the day out.

I’ve had it with dry creek beds. The novelty has well and truely worn off as the point. I dread them when looking ahead at my maps. They make for such tough going on the feet and legs. Very little flat or even ground. Rocks on every step trying to twist or break and ankle.

If there is a section of trail to be skipped it is definitely the entire section between Hawker and Quorn. I’ve walked it so that you don’t have to. Such an uninspired day that I didn’t even take many photos to share. It was a slog-fest.

At some point I past 200km on trail, so that is something to celebrate! Go me.

The highlights of today were walking under the Dutchman’s Stern when finally finished with the last creek bed of the day and back onto solid ground. And Dutchman’s Hut itself topped off my day.

An old shearing shed or similar Dutchman’s hut has, get this, electric lighting, an electric kettle, bunks to sleep around 10, camp chairs with backrests, running water and flushing toilet. Luxury. I only had ti share the place with the mice. They definitely owned the night.

Short one into Quorn tomorrow and time to put the feet up with a day off.

Dutchman’s Stern

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