PCT 2.0 Finale Video

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Having walked 2,590 miles from the Mexican border towards the Canadian border on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, I was devastated to learn that the trail was officially closed at Rainy Pass due to a wildfire, so close to the end of such an epic trip. Not only did the trail closure mean the last sixty miles of trail were off limits, it meant that I could no longer use my permit to cross from the US into Canada on the trail either.

Having to call it quits at Rainy Pass was a huge kick in the guts.   But little did I know at the time that I would have to abandon the trail at that point anyway.

A deep sense of loss hung with me and to be honest it never really went away, even after returning home. I had unfinished business out there on the PCT.

Those last 60 miles of trail alluded me and for months afterwards I was consumed with the desire to go back and finish them.  And of course, in July 2019, I did.

But it is only now, after about six months, that I have finally found some time to pull together my footage and massage it into another mini walkumentary.

If you haven’t seen the main feature from 2018 check it out first.

If you have, here is the latest:

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