Day 111: Snoqualmie Nero

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Mile 2384.3 to mile 2393.1 (8.8 miles, 14.1 km)

A much needed easy day to rest the body and mind.

Short miles into Snoqualmie to pick up a resupply box and get cleaned up.

I think I’m renaming Snoqualmie to Smokequalmie.

Many hikers are calling it quits here. I ran into at least ten that have had enough.

I caught up with Heaps and Neo and we talk about what the alternatives are. We are all persisting in heading to Rainy Pass.

During the day I contacted the Canadian border agency and confirmed that given my permit to enter into Canada was via the PCT and is invalid now that the trail is closed. I can cross a road border on foot at Osoyoos though which is what I plan to do, then hitch to Manning Park and day walk out to the PCT end. It looks like BC is encouraging this by reiterating that the trail is open on the BC side.

There is a tricky alternative out to the west but it’s just too much mucking about trying to secure an additional USFS permit for the Ross Lake area, lodging an itinerary and strict food security requirements. Most of the camp sites are booked up already. And I’d have to back track from the border anyway. No, think I’m sticking with calling it quits at Rainy Pass.

I can highly recommend the greasy spoon that is the Aardvark Express. A free beer for PCT hikers.

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