Day 84: Ashland Zero Day 2

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Miles: 0

A real quick and dirty blog today – I did nothing.

It was hot out. A straight week of over 100 degrees and very smoky. Visibility is down to a mile in town. I have no idea what the Ashland surrounds look like.

I took the opportunity to stay inside with the aircon on, utilising free high speed wifi to watch a lot of YouTube and movies on TV.

Grabbed food for four days and pigged out on a whole tub of chocolate ice cream.


  1. Hi when do you think you will continue your walk again?
    what has been your favourite place so far?
    from tess, jo and meg

    1. Sorry for such a late reply – I’ve had no phone service for days. I had two days off in Ashland and have been on the go since then. Should get to Cascade Locks in 2 days and will take a day off, then only have a couple of weeks left to go.

      Favourite place so far would have to be the high Sierra mountains. Really, really beautiful country.

  2. Hi Mick
    Marty and Robyn here. We were late starters on your blog but have been reading a few each night. We call it ‘Mick Beckers time’. It’s very romantic. Anyway, we’ve finally caught up to you! Holy crap you’re walking a long way. Massive days. We walked 20km today and we’re toast. Tomorrow we’re taking a zero. But looking forward to following you smashing it out.

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