Day 40: Chickens and Crabs

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Chicken Spring Lake Mile 750.8 to Crabtree Meadow mile 763.3, plus 1 non PCT mile (13.5 miles, 21.7km)

Much of the same terrain today. Pines with no under storey at all. Tall cliffs surround on all sides.

No one really talks about the fact that much of the trail is basically sand. From the desert to the mountains, sand. At the moment it is decomposed granite sands. Deep and hard work. If anyone is thinking about training for the PCT, ditch the pack hikes up hills, just head to your local beach.

Spectacular views of the mountains to follow in the coming days.

There was a climb early on and then down the other side to the meadows. Meadows are stunning and fast becoming one of my favourite features of the mountains. Vast ovals of lush green grass in the middle of pines, looking very much like golf fairways.

A few small river crossings today but all in logs or rocks, meaning dry feet. That will change in the coming days.

Coming into the Crabtree Meadow near Mt Whitney was amazing. The snow melt filled river rumbling down from the hills with anger before mellowing to a burbling slower pace out through the flat of the meadow. Crystal clear and cold water.

I found the perfect tent spot, in the cover of trees but on the edge of the green with views to the snow capped peaks above.

With only 13.5 miles today I was done by 2pm, allowing plenty of time for chores like have a good scrub down in the river, wash dirty socks and trim my nails. On doing the last I noticed that my right little toe nail is practically coming off. There is no pain so I won’t pry it off.

Open air toilet at Crabtree Meadows. A throne with a view surrounded on two sides by a few sheets of iron to cover the lower half. Interesting.

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  1. beautiful. USA is a stunning place with so many amazing and different natural environments. loving the imagery that your words create. Keep it up.

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