Day 17: Reward for Effort

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Day 17: mile 317.9 to Cajon Pass mile 341.9 (24 miles, 38.6km, 11 hours)

Today was a grind no two ways about it.

It was hot, we were out in the open and the views were unspectacular. Add this this the ever present foot pain and it was just a shit of a day. Head down, pressing miles just to get them out of the way.

Everyone had the same goal in mind today. Reach Cajon Pass, pig out at McDonalds and stay in a hotel. You see at Cajon Pass the trail heads underneath the interstate near an interchange with service stations, McDonalds, Subway and a Best Western Motel.

Sad to say but McDonalds was the highlight of my day. Hiker Hunger has definitely kicked in and I had no problem chowing down two Quarter Pounder meals and numerous Dr Peppers. That was nothing to what hikers ordered and devoured. We’d taken over half the booths. Talking to the manager she said it was fine and happens everyday in hiker season. They love us and look after us as no-one orders as much as a PCT thru-hiker.

Unfortunately I missed out on a room at the Best Western. It was near booked by 7am. Some hikers have stacked rooms with 8 people spread across floor space and beds but then again most hikers are unemployed or on really tight budgets. I’m not. I’m on paid leave and was looking forward to a room of my own.

Given it’s location as a major interchange on the outskirts of some of LA’s bigger suburbs, Cajon Pass was no place to camp. I did manage to get a room in Hisperia about 15mins north of the trail and hitched a ride in with Zack’s Dad who came to collect him for the night given he doesn’t live that far off the this trail junction. I’ll Uber back to the trail tomorrow.

So getting to pig out and stay the night in a motel is my reward for effort today. A hot shower is in order.

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  1. Hello again. Will your foot ease at all? Is it bone or muscle? Is there anything you can do to relieve the pain? Questions, questions. Is there a town where you can get some assistance regards binding your feet? Do what you have to mate because its your feet that carry you through your entire life.

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