Gloucester Tree

With some time to kill today I made the short 3km walk to the Gloucester tree that is just out of town. Wow. It is massive and the view from the top awesome. Not much in the way of protection up the 53m climb, just hold on tight.


About mickbeckers

G'day my name is Mick. I have a love for all things outdoors. In 2014-15 I completed a thru-hike of Te Araroa in New Zealand which now has me addicted to long distance hiking. Day to day I'm a forest firefighter in Australia and have the opportunity to work internationally. Much to the annoyance of my neighbours I also have 20 years under my belt as a drummer for several bands.
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2 Responses to Gloucester Tree

  1. Maggie Bain says:


  2. Lorian Bartle says:

    It is quite the climb. I did it while it was raining and I held on very tightly the entire time.

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