Clear views of Mt Adams

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2242.6 – 2265.1, 22.6 miles

Today was tough. Day two always is. I woke before my alarm with the sun out around 5:30am. My body is sore. Legs are tight, hips have rub points and my back is a bit stiff but that always happens and will all loosen over the next few days.

I had breakfast with a stunning backdrop of Mt Adams looming above. It looks like it’s going to be a clear day.

Packed up, I got moving just after six with the plan of just easing into the day. I was keen to get 20 miles in but didn’t want to push things and it would just be a matter of how my body felt through the day.

The day started with a river crossing, flowing hard and cloudy with the all the silt. A few tents lined the banks and there was a girl watching me cross on a few logs. Getting across she tells me that the flow was so strong yesterday with snow melt that the logs I’d just crossed were covered in water. The groups she was with chose to camp the night on the bank to wait for the water level to drop – smart move.

It was a gradual descent through a lot of lush green meadows flanks by stands of timber for most of the morning. Some great camping spots amongst them. I’m a bit late for the wild flower display, most having bloomed already. Still there are scattered patches of colour all around.

There was the old patch of snow across the trail, the last remnants of winter. All were short and easy to cross and will be gone in the next week or so.

Once into for the morning I was feeling great. I’d got 10 mile before 10am! There is a lot to be said for muscle memory. My legs obviously remember what this was all about and eased in well.

There was the odd view through the day but mostly it was in amongst timber, dreadlocked mossy tendrils clinging to all the branches.

Not wanting to push too hard I took a nice long lunch. Standard fare on the menu – salami and cheese wraps.

By mid afternoon I was slowing down and starting to feel the pain again. Feet aching as that old familiar friend planterphacitipus came to visit. Nothing that some vitamin won’t fix.

The mozzies were thick and I have to resort to wearing wind pants to stave off their bites.

Lots of south bounders passed today, most flip flopping the trail, having started from Mexico but flipping up north to avoid the Sierra snow, and start back south from the Canadian border.

I surprised myself today with 22.6 miles done by 4 pm. I could have pushed on further but I keep telling myself to pull back a little and take it easy this first stretch to White Pass. Besides there is some big climbs tomorrow. Better to rest up and let the feet recover before tackling them.

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