Cobberas over Easter

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It has been a crazy two months at work and I’m really looking forward to an extended weekend. So what to do with four days up your sleeve over Easter? Relax, kick back at home and read a good book with a nice glass of red? Hit the town and paint it red? Carve up the local MTB tracks? All very tempting options but I’m ready to go bush. There is an unquenchable urge to shoulder my pack, hit a trail and go bush for a couple of days. And this weekend it will be Cobberas. An area that I have explored a little but need to dig deeper.

With four days I picked a route that will take me north from Native Dog Flat to Cowombat Flat. From here it will be a day hike to the VIC-NSW border cairn and source of the Murray River, north for a traverse of the Pilot and back to Cowombat Flat. Day 3 will entail and off track jaunt towards the Cobberas No 2, Midddle Peak and the Cleft with the plan basically to see how far I’ll get that day. It is likely to entail a bush camp before continuing over Cobberas No. 1 and descending towards the Playgrounds and back to Native Dog Flat.

It has been far too long since going bush and I can’t wait. Watch this space for post trip track notes and photos.

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